Outdoor living and entertaining in an Aussie Blue Roofing Pergola!

Nothing encapsulates an Australian home like a Aussie Blue Roofing pergola. If your verandah just isn’t cutting it, and you want to add a flat or gabled roof pergola for outdoor entertainment and relaxation, Aussie Blue Roofing are here to help. For the perfect blend between outdoor ambience and indoor comfort a pergola is the awesome solution you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for a small pergola for an outdoor setting, or a larger Adelaide pergola that can fit an outdoor kitchen, fans as well as seating, we can help you out. Working with the industry’s most durable, aesthetic and functional materials, we roof pergolas so that you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort all year round.

If your outdoor area isn’t cutting it, and you want to increase the value of your home, add an additional living space, and create a unique, Australian space to utilise for years to come. The team at Aussie Blue Roofing have been working on Adelaide pergolas for years, and can guide you through this process – so you can enjoy a unique outdoor living space like no other.

A pergola in Adelaide is a great way to embrace the warm summer days we are renowned for, and enjoy the relaxing ambience of a winter’s rain. At Aussie Blue Roofing, we can bring this vision to life by creating a covered area that is based on comfort, and quality of living. A pergola can be designed as a versatile space, with a number of functions. If you are looking for quality family time, and extra space for dinners and guests, or just another area of privacy, a Adelaide pergola is what you are after.

In the hottest days of summer, a pergola will shield you from the sun, keeping the area beneath significantly cooler. During heavy rainfall, an Aussie Blue Roofing pergola will be complete with all of the necessary water drainage capabilities to ensure that the area beneath stays dry and safe.

At Aussie Blue Roofing, we know the benefits of an outdoor/indoor space, and can help you make an addition to your home that will present a number of opportunities. Embrace the most-loved qualities of Australia by implementing a pergola, where unique ambience can be enjoyed for years to come.

Using durable materials such as polycarbonate and Bluescope Colorbond steel, your pergola will be able to endure the elements for years to come. An Aussie Blue Roofing Colorbond pergola is lightweight, yet incredibly strong at the core. The material can withstand a range of weather conditions, meaning your pergola will continue to protect the area below for years to come.

At Aussie Blue Roofing we take care during the installation process to ensure that your roof functions well. We add all of the necessary components such as gutters and downpipes to ensure that your brand new pergola is as protective as possible. During the consultation phases, we can help you determine exactly what you plan on using your pergolas for, and if you have any specific needs or desires, we will do our best to accommodate you in anyway we can.

Colorbond roofing material is UV resistant, meaning that the area beneath your Adelaide pergola won’t experience the ‘glasshouse’ effect that some other materials exhibit. For the safety of the elderly and infants, these area won’t heat up during summer, and will remain cooler and more comfortable than traditional roofing material.

With fans, lighting and other electrical, there is no limit to the adaptations that can be made for a pergola area. Our team have seen pergolas constructed as a outdoor living space, complete with television and couches, We have also seen pergolas cover outdoor kitchen and BBQ areas. More simple pergolas cover an outdoor setting or a deck, where relaxation is the primary goal.

The addition of a pergola is a great way to entice prospecting homebuyers. In Australia, a shaded outdoor area is both appealing and sought after. An Aussie Blue Roofing pergola also has the ability to increase your property value. If you are thinking about install a pergola, you should think about it as a future investment in the overall property value of your home.

At Aussie Blue Roofing, we can help you bring your design ideas to life. If you have a particular function in mind, or want to create a large space with multiple purposes, at Aussie Blue Roofing, we have the industry experience to help you achieve your goal. Get in touch with the team at Aussie Blue Roofing today for consultation!

Aussie Blue Roofing building Pergolas for years
Our goal has always been to provide efficient service and the highest quality roofing out there.

Placing significance on quick turnaround from the inspection and quoting phases to the actual work, our experts handle every step of the process with care. At Aussie Blue Roofing, we believe that punctuality is essential, and rain, wind or shine, we will get to your property for a consultation ASAP!

Respecting the needs and wants of the client, we aim to provide an undisputed level of cooperation with the homeowner, ensuring that budget, position and preference are all considered in the initial phases. With competitive pricing and a friendly family-orientated mantra, Aussie Blue Roofing hopes that every client finds their roofing alteration or replacement a pleasant experience.

Our Roofing Services in Adelaide
Iron Roofing, Re-roofing and Repair
For all of your iron roofing needs, Aussie Blue Roofing has the experience.

Iron roofing is a popular choice among Australian homeowners. It’s low-cost, and low-maintenance capabilities are what Aussie Blue Roofing loves! The industry professionals and roofing experts have spent years working with this material to perfect everything from installation to maintenance.

Designed to protect your home from the elements, iron roofing will keep you cooler in summer. Aussie Blue Roofing provides complete roofing replacement when it comes to iron, leaving out the headache of constant leaking repairs and section replacements. However, if water is getting through your roof, the qualified professionals will be able to locate the issue and fix it efficiently. If living near the beach has caused a section of your iron roof to corrode, Aussie Blue Roofing can quickly replace the damaged part.

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Tile Roofing Maintenance and Care
Maintaining your roof tiles can be tricky, but with Aussie Blue Roofing, increasing the lifespan of your home just got easier!

When it comes to roof tiles, replacement, maintenance and painting are all required to maintain the fantastic look and feel of your home. If you are thinking about selling or hoping to increase the lifespan of your roof, painting the tiles can do just that. The team can do everything from high-pressure washing to small replacements to ensure that the continuity of your tiled roof is preserved.

With Adelaide’s wild weather you may find yourself with a leak. The industry professionals at Aussie Blue roofing can provide emergency repairs to your tile roof to ensure that there isn’t excessive damage to the inside of your home, or even worse, hazardous electrical problems.

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Gutters and Downpipes for your new roof!
Ensuring that your roof doesn’t just look good, but that it is functional is our priority!

Not only will Aussie Blue Roofing replace or repair your roof, they will also ensure that water will run off effectively with new gutters and downpipes to match your need iron or tiles. Effective guttering is the key to avoiding excessive indoor damage and leaking, and is something that Aussie Blue Roofing place importance on. With both metal and PVC downpipes available, rain will seamlessly flow off your new and improved roof.

If your gutters are in good condition, Aussie Blue Roofing can provide cleaning services, and additionally install gutter guard to stop leaves and other debris finding their way into your gutters!

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