Project Description
Client Name: Awesome Company
Location: Adelaide SA 5000
Completed: September, 2015

Respecting the needs and wants of undisputed level of cooperation with the homeowner, ensuring that budget, position and preference are all considered in the initial phases. With competitive pricing and a friendly Roofing hopes that every client finds their roofing alteration or replacement a pleasant experience.

The Challenges
Specialising in complete iron roofing and tile replacement and maintenance!

At Aussie Blue Roofing, we align our products with the universal need and wants of the South Australian public. With the popularity of iron roofs in Australia due to their aesthetic capabilities and cooling attributes, we have perfected the installation and maintenance techniques that are specific to this product. Whether you have a small area of corrosion or need an entirely new roofing system, Aussie Blue Roofing have seen it all.

When it comes to roof tiles, the constant replacement and alterations can be tedious. If you are looking to make the switch to iron, or need a few tiles replaced, We take pride in their ability to maintain roof tiles for the long-term. Knowing roofs inside and out, the team understand the techniques necessary to preserve your roofing system for years to come.

With all of the necessary accreditations, licenses, police checks and insurance, the company covers every base, to ensure that you and your home are protected and that the end product is this highest quality roofing system on the market.